Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Be this, not that

So, three blogs in and I'm thinking...I've got writer's block............already! 

Say it isn't so. I have SO much to say - what's going on?

I worry too much. What will people say, what will they think, did I spell check, how is my grammar? As "someone" once told me..."fagetaboutit" (best said with an Italian accent)

Fagetaboutit is what I'm gonna do. 

Delete my 2nd post people.

I was thinking today...why do some people in 2010 think they need to act like its 1950 (picture apron, cooking, stay at home wife/mother, children at feet).  Not that there was anything wrong with that at the time, but pleassssssssssssse people - welcome yourself  to 2010 and celebrate.

Kick some ass - Be independent - strong - a team player - equal... and LOVELY!!

Less apron and more sexy!

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