Friday, November 5, 2010

Friends...........hang tight

Computer problems are about to be fixed. We have so much to catch up on.

New laptop on-board in the next few days (have been doing my research - open to advice). 

I hope we can reconnect. Have a lovely weekend. 

Talk to you soon.

Cheers and hugs!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beef Bourguignon anyone?

I'm hosting a dinner party next Saturday and have decided to try something new.......BEEF BOURGUIGNON....along with some other delightful dishes, but this will be the star, the piece de la resistance.  

Tips welcome. I'll post some photos of the "event" following, 
so check in to view my gorgeous friends.

We'll be drinking delicious wine, sharing salacious stories,
and sleeping in on Sunday.

Talk to you soon.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spider fear

Why am I so afraid? Are you?

Until my dear, lovely, wonderful father died 5 years ago, I called him for help. Now I'm on my own....facing the fear.

I'd like to be queen to Budda and I try to put the little suckers outside with a blessing, but the bottom line is.......I'm afraid they'll just knock on the door, holler and find another way to come back in.

I've suffered a couple of hideous spider bites; both on my face and it wasn't pretty. We're talking HOSPITAL time.  Because of this, I'm not so generous. Bye, Bye for you!!

Your thoughts?

Be this, not that

So, three blogs in and I'm thinking...I've got writer's block............already! 

Say it isn't so. I have SO much to say - what's going on?

I worry too much. What will people say, what will they think, did I spell check, how is my grammar? As "someone" once told me..."fagetaboutit" (best said with an Italian accent)

Fagetaboutit is what I'm gonna do. 

Delete my 2nd post people.

I was thinking today...why do some people in 2010 think they need to act like its 1950 (picture apron, cooking, stay at home wife/mother, children at feet).  Not that there was anything wrong with that at the time, but pleassssssssssssse people - welcome yourself  to 2010 and celebrate.

Kick some ass - Be independent - strong - a team player - equal... and LOVELY!!

Less apron and more sexy!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Girlfriends - la deuxieme partie

Hi again.

Thanks for your feedback on my first post and bearing with me as I delve into blog land. I'm not at all boring and will strive to hold your interest.

I did receive one tiny bit of feedback from a superb friend who said "if I didn't know and love you and I read your blog, I don't think I'd read it". How rude, right? No, I don't think so at all. 

When blogging, you put yourself out there, so I'm open to all feedback. What she meant was, although what I said was true, I didn't show my smart ass, sassy, direct, funny and deliciously vulgar side. I get it!

I'm sensitive (hyper sensitive in fact), but realistic too. I appreciate honesty - good, bad or delightfully ugly.

Stick with me...........I promise to make you smile, cry, laugh and/or maybe even tune out.

Miss "L" - This ones for "YOU" - LOVE YA!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Girlfriends are wonderful!

Unlike family, we choose each other. No mandatory socializing, just sought after girl time. We share joy, heartache, new love, children (pet's included), grief, weddings, marriage, divorce, birth, work....all aspects of life. We cry, laugh, share, listen, give advice, listen more...usually over wine and delicious food. 

Did I mention we talk about sex too? We do. We delight in it actually. It's fun conversation. He did what??? Delish!

I want my girlfriends in my life. Need them in fact. They help me grow, learn and explore. They hold me up when I'm down and lift me when I fall. I have new friends, old friends, deleted friends, lost friends (who live in my heart). I have single friends, married friends, divorced friends, separated friends, friends with boyfriends, happy friends, sad friends, looking for love friends - all cherished. 

We are logical, silly, funny, serious, passionate, crazy, nurturing, compassionate, and strong loving women.

Girls - I love you all.