Monday, September 6, 2010


Girlfriends are wonderful!

Unlike family, we choose each other. No mandatory socializing, just sought after girl time. We share joy, heartache, new love, children (pet's included), grief, weddings, marriage, divorce, birth, work....all aspects of life. We cry, laugh, share, listen, give advice, listen more...usually over wine and delicious food. 

Did I mention we talk about sex too? We do. We delight in it actually. It's fun conversation. He did what??? Delish!

I want my girlfriends in my life. Need them in fact. They help me grow, learn and explore. They hold me up when I'm down and lift me when I fall. I have new friends, old friends, deleted friends, lost friends (who live in my heart). I have single friends, married friends, divorced friends, separated friends, friends with boyfriends, happy friends, sad friends, looking for love friends - all cherished. 

We are logical, silly, funny, serious, passionate, crazy, nurturing, compassionate, and strong loving women.

Girls - I love you all.


  1. Hi Alex

    It's true the diversity of girl friends we have, even the deleted friends hold a place, a memory in our lives ... they tell us who we are.

    Great Post. Look forward to many more. Good luck with your blogging experience :)xx

  2. Well here you are! Great first post girlfriend and I love you bio (see, I knew you'd know how to write one). Welcome to the blogsphere and I can't wait to read more. XO (Oh, and the blog looks fantastic)

  3. Welcome to my blog I hope you find something in it. I will be glad to follow yours you have already captured my attention.

  4. This is great. You put it so well. Plus, I love the name of your blog!